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September 18th, 2012

Hello world,

Here we are getting ready to start 26 years in business and still learning and growing as a company. The world of social media has revolutionized the way business is conducted. It took us a while but you really can teach old dogs new tricks!

As you can read in the introduction section of our website, at Land Art Inc. we are constantly aware of the high bar that our name represents. In all aspects of landscaping properties found in Howard, Carroll, Frederick, Montgomery,Baltimore and Anne Arundel counties we strive to make each design a work of art which showcases our abilities as builders of beautiful patio spaces with all kinds of creature comforts. In the busyness of our lives we all need a place of repose and relaxation. Many times I visit past clients and get great pleasure out of the way in which our work enriches their lives with family and friends. I have been the kind recipient of many invitations to spend time with our clients entertaining their loved ones and neighbors. Again what satisfaction this brings to me as an owner to see how are work can affect and enrich the lives of our clients.

As an owner I am dedicated to a hands on approach with each client. Making sure their needs are not only met but exceeded. We look forward for the opportunity each project gives us to show off our skills and work ethic.

Fall is a great time to schedule the implementation of a project that you may have in mind, so gives us a shout.

As you can see by our photo we are a small band of brothers who have been working together for some 12 years now. Imagine having the same craftsmen for that long and the level of ability and craftsmanship it generates.

More blogs to come so stay tuned!


Job profile, More on what do I do with this Slope!

November 9th, 2012

Now here is a project which brings home the issues one has when faced with an abrupt change in elevation. The site only gives you so much real estate to get from point A to point B. How can this be done to turn this problem into an asset that really becomes the center piece of the landscape. In this project we used a segmental wall system and pavers manufactured by E. P. Henry as well as Pennsylvania Field-stone stepping stones acting as steps down the slope which gives one the vantage point of enjoying the pondless waterfall, built with Pennsylvania Field-stone boulders. This is great way to take advantage of a sloped situation via use of a pondless waterfall. A pondless waterfall is a great system to minimize the need for maintenance that most ponds introduce into the life of any homeowner and also gives you the presence of water in the garden with safety in mind. This particular waterfall is fueled by a multi speed pump that can be automatically adjusted for flow as well as being able to turn the system on and off with a remote. Imagine being in the house, taking that afternoon nap, opening the windows, turning on your pondless waterfall from inside the house and being able to drift off to sleep with the soothing sound of flowing water.

This particular project was unique because we had very little room to create paths to connect the lower basement door with the upper deck. Terracing can be a great way to lessen the abrupt change in elevation and at the same time introduce plantings that will soften the use of walls. It is all in the planning. At Land Art we have extensive experience with this common challenge homeowners are faced with. We are all about taking a challenging landscape at really creating a beautiful, artful design. One that just gives you a sense of unity with the existing landforms found on your property.

We would love to take a look at your problem areas to see what could be done. Give us a call and our in house landscape designer can get to work on creating an oasis in your yard.








What do I do with this slope?

October 1st, 2012

We here this many times from our clients. The conversation goes something like this “I have this slope that I have tried this or that and it just hasn’t come out the way we wanted” or “I am tired of cutting the grass on this slope and am at a loss as to what to do”.

Slopes and hillsides may look like a daunting problem in your yard, but they can also become a wonderful centerpiece as well. Take for example the featured project found below. Now this was the mother of all slopes! So bad that it was impossible to even walk on. In this particular situation the client wanted a pool but were at a loss as to how to make the hillside an asset rather than a liability.

Lets look at this from an artists perspective. Think of a slope or hillside as an artist canvas hanging on the wall of your house. Just think of all the wonderful things you would miss in that painting if it was laid flat and you didn’t have the perspective of seeing the entire painting. Slopes give you a great opportunity to allow the eye to take in the design in it’s entirety.  What a great opportunity to create a work of art through landscaping , walls and other ingredients. Using the same pallet as an artist would use to incorporate symmetry, focal points and the use of color and texture. A sense of movement through the use of plants that weep and spill over walls and other elements. The use of water that could flow down the hill, not only acting as that centerpiece but also bringing onto the landscape the soothing sound of flowing water. Our approach on this project was to create a lagoon atmosphere and I think our designers hit a home run. The use of Pennsylvania field-stone retaining walls and Pennsylvania boulder steps fits the space well, nothing seems out of place. And then of course the plantings that bring the work together acting as the watercolor or oil that an artist would use to create a unified piece.

So I am sure you never thought of your slope as having this much potential. But may I say again, with the right approach and sensitivity to design you can create a wonderful piece of artwork  to enjoy. Give us a call and let us roll up our sleeves and get our creative juices flowing!





Fall has arrived!

September 24th, 2012

Ahh,  the turning of the leaves ,the chill in the air! What a relief, after sweltering days and humid nights. And what an opportunity to spend some time outdoors on your patio and out door living space.

When our talented designers at Land Art Inc.  design “outdoor rooms” for our clients we think of every aspect. The main question is how can we make this space inviting, warm and enjoyable. We think of how a client will use his or her new space and how will the flow be just right to allow for maximum enjoyment and functionality.

Where should the gathering area be, what is the best location for our grill, not only for ease of use but will it become a major component in the outdoor room, such as an outdoor kitchen or something that is used on occasion. How about shade and protection from the weather using pavilions, pergolas and extension to the home.

Not only do we think of aesthetics but the technical aspects of building something to last with minimal maintenance.

But getting back to the Fall and the chill in the air. A new outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a wonderful way of extending the season. Many times I find myself talking with our clients who are so excited to tell me that their new fireplace/ fire pit has been something that the whole family can enjoy. One client eluded to the fact that her and her husband are actually spending quiet moments while being warmed by a  crackling fire, communicating, think of it! Her kids friends always want to be at there house on the weekends because their fire pit is such a great way to enjoy some hot cocoa and of course copious amounts of s’mores. Hey for parents of teenagers, this is a good thing. One client stated “The fire pit is great, we all sit out there as a family and actually talk, maybe even trying to solve some of the worlds problems.” Imagine that.

We have built fire pits and fire places out of all kinds of materials and to meet every taste. They can be fired with gas or wood.

These and many other elements can be incorporated into your new outdoor space, so let the professionals and worthy craftsmen at Land Art Inc. make your dreams come true.









Hello world!

July 24th, 2012

Our new blog is coming soon!